Get mobile notifications and SMS on desktop

Crono brings all your notifications, phone calls, Whatsapp messages, straight to your PC —so that you spend less time on your phone.

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Crono brings all your notifications, phone calls, Whatsapp messages, straight to your PC —s that you spend less time on your phone.

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Take productivity to the next level

Jumping back and forth between phone and PC? Maintain your workflow with Crono— sync your notifications on PC > reply to what’s important > get back to work.

Work smarter from your desktop

Manage all your notifications in one place so that you can stay focused on your work. Pin your important apps to scroll through notifications which means less time wasted on insignificant things.

Quick action on what is important

Archive mails, track deliveries, mark messages as read. Take action on all that matters to you. Take control on what is important and save time by cutting down on distractions.

Get notified only when you want

Crono regards your workflow and never bothers you with constant alerts of insignificant notifications. Get desktop alerts only for the apps that you select so that you can be efficient at work.

Even more cool features

Push anything between your phone and desktop — photos, links, zipped folders.

Seamless file sharing

Sharing file over email, whatsapp is a thing of past. Share files between your devices in seconds. Is it secure? Crono auto deletes your files in every 24 hours.

Copy in one, paste in another

Crono clipboard gives you a centralised space to share notes, links, one-time-passwords between devices. Just copy and paste. Simple!

Always be informed

Sync your calendar with Crono to track meetings and appointments. Your upcoming event is always visible so that you never miss it.

What users say about us

Thousands of users use Crono everyday. Find out why below.

Jordan Handy ... ... ... ... ...

Lifesaver. For years I've looked for an alternative to Pushbullet once they introduced their overpriced subscription model. I've been plagued with finding sub-par copycats. Thank you Crono, you're doing it right. Works great, and I love the web UI.

2 Jan 2020

Laz ... ... ... ... ...

So great syncing my phone with the workstation. I don't have to waste time searching for phone and checking for notifications. Thank you for creating this app.!

11 Dec 2019

Ayyy Lmao ... ... ... ... ...

Just started using it and I can't believe that I just got the memo. This is such an insanely useful app, keeps the need to multitask through phone and PC to a minimum and has much more features.

15 Jun 2020

Joseph ... ... ... ... ...

I have tried Join and Pushbullet, and this one is my favourite . It's easy to step and works well. It is worth the monthly/yearly cost.

14 Jul 2020

Vaibhav Chopade ... ... ... ... ...

Definitely the best notification sync app I have ever used and the "Ring my phone" feature is a blessing for me. It just works so perfectly 😊. Send file addition to all the awesomeness. Thanks, team Crono.

19 Apr 2020

Abhinav Kumar ... ... ... ... ...

The best app to sync mobile with PC. Easy and simple to use. It's UI is also very clean and good. Lot Better than Microsoft Your Phone.

18 Aug 2019

Alain P ... ... ... ... ...

I've been using Crono for a few months. Can't go wrong with this, would recommend.

8 Nov 2019

Dan Duffey ... ... ... ... ...

Awesome app with great functionality. The app is so easy to use and provides that essential link between my phone and laptop. They provide amazing updates on bugs and mistakes, so you have no doubts of what's happening. Bravo devs, you have something really great!

8 Jan 2020

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  • 2400 Notifications/month
  • File sharing upto 25Mb
  • Clipboard sharing
  • Calendar events sync
  • Single desktop support
  • Continuous chatting
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  • All free plan features
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  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Upto 1Gb file sharing
  • Multiple desktop support
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